Zhongguancun Leisure Complex in Weihai

How Can the Intensive Factory Park Pay Attention to the Construction of Humanistic Care Complex?

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Located in Yangting Town, south of Weihai City, Shandong Province, the project is the phase II of Shandong Zhongguancun Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Industrial Park. The building covers an area of 4522 , while the landscape garden covers an area of 39478 . The design successfully presents a low-density leisure comprehensive center in the factory buildings of high-density Park, which provides a humanistic leisure and entertainment place for the internal staff, so as to meet their needs of leisure and recuperation after daily work, and reduce the mental depression and injury brought by the mechanized work mode.

Office and Leisure Complex

The project takes rest and recuperation as the design orientation, continues the traditional Oriental freehand brushwork and the idea of relaxing body and mind by expressing feelings for the landscape, therefore to strengthen the experience of the physical and mental sense of living environment. The overall layout refers to the garden pattern of "vestibule and backyard", with the help of different landscape windows and dislocation design, to realize the visual sense of changing scenery step by step.

The buildings highlight the interpretation of Chinese traditional "simple but elegant" and the expression of Oriental space, which is the simple but elegant, as well as creating the concept of Oriental freehand brushwork, and leaving more reverie space for the experience of living space. Different corridors are connected in series with vestibule buildings, and the design of mirror steel plate on the top reflects the surrounding landscape environment and integrates with it. The undulating footpaths connect the landscape of the backyard, driving the visitors to feel comfortable and moved.

The project is divided into three areas, the front of which is the leisure garden area of Oriental freehand brushwork. The west leisure functional area is linked by the corridor to meet the comprehensive needs of daily leisure functions, such as coffee shop, book bar, exhibition hall, office and conference, while the southeast area is the lake leisure park, which separates the experience area from the nearby park and the sight of the traffic flow by taking use of undulating mountains and separating the vehicles and people, so that people can integrate into the sense of nature and not to be disturbed by the park buildings and internal vehicles.

Sustainable Ecological Park

At the beginning of the project development, it was a place where soil was piled up in the region, and the ecological environment was relatively poor. According to the needs of conventional park construction, it needs to be comprehensively leveled to be built. Based on the consideration of leisure complex, and to make the best use of the situation, the designer transferred the soil piles into mountains, build the pits into lakes, and take advantage of the surrounded meandering roads to realize the construction according to local conditions, presents a pleasant leisure landscape environment, and reduces the cost of leveling and restoration.

It is quite difficult to maintain the green plants in northern China as the winter is very cold. So at the beginning of the design, the designer borrowed the traditional Chinese abstract freehand brushwork to create the artistic conception of the space in a minimalist way, using different waterscape to create elegant landscape. At the same time, through the scattered buildings, the way of borrowing scenery with the scenery windows, and different gray spaces, the designer successfully presents the aesthetic feeling of different scenes, so as to meet the aesthetic feeling of the northern garden for the human landscape.

The project uses a large number of steel plate building materials to show the sense of lightness and elegance, while the white umbrella style roof can collect rainwater and store it in the filter tank as the supply of ground landscape water, so as to realize the recycling and ecological use of waterscape. The glass curtain wall shows the transparent and open state of the project while the double-layer energy-saving system is adopted to realize the two-way system of internal circulation and external circulation. The greenhouse effect is formed between the double-layer glass, in summer, the superheated air in the greenhouse is discharged from the outside, while in winter, the solar heat energy is introduced into the room, saving a lot of energy for winter and summer.

Model of Healing Office

The traditional centralized industrial park is characterized by intensive factory building space, the tense and monotonous working environment of workers can easily lead to mental stress and diseases, as well as different social group problems. Weihai Zhongguancun leisure complex, based on the proposal of Shenzhen planning for the value orientation change of phase II project, introduces the purpose and functional requirements of humanistic care for employees, and presents a leisure complex center with low building density to create a place for employees to relieve their mental pressure, so as to let the daily mechanized assembly line backlog of emotions to be relieved through the space/

The completion of the project opens a model of comprehensive industrial park with humanistic care, which has transformed a conventional industrial plant into a leisure complex, to meet the environment of recuperation, indirectly enhance the value and benefit of employees, and promote the healthy development of the enterprise humanistic way. The project is completely open to the outside world in the form of a park to convey the brand image of the enterprise focusing on humanity and social responsibility. At the same time, it has led to the change of the whole area planning. As the demonstration project of the local industrial development zone, it guides the relevant departments to approve the design scheme of the surrounding parks, as well as limits the entry of some manufacturing pollution enterprises, so as to enhance the image of the whole industrial development zone.

Project Name: Shandong Zhongguancun Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Industrial Park Phase II Leisure Complex

Client: Shandong Zhongguancun Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd

Project Location: Yangting Town, Weihai City, Shandong Province.

Design Company: Chinese and German Hang Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Chief Designer: Chunli Zhang

Design Team: Hongbin Zhang, Wei Sun, Zhen Ye, Yantong Zhou

Design Content: Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design

Building Area: 4522

Landscape Area: 39478

Design Time: 2015

Completion Time: 2018

Brand of Products and Materials used: Nano Self-cleaning Latex Paint, Weihai Local Rough Stone, Huayao Hollow Glass, Weigude Doors and Windows

Photographer: Yonggang Zhong

PR Company: Cui Brand