Graduation Solo Exhibition of Experimental Art at China National Academy of Painting Successfully Exhibited


Recently, Mr. Zhang Chunli held the graduation solo exhibition of experimental art in the Art Museum of China National Academy of Painting, which lasted for three days from June 25 to 29, 2021. The exhibition displayed the "VOIE" device of Mr. Zhang Chunli's graduation work.


Ecological environment has become the eye-catching topic at present, everyone has different understanding and interpretation of the situation of ecological environment; there are also different hopes and expectations for restoring ecology and nature; " VOIE " explores the city and ecological environment from the perspective of designers, interprets and expresses "ecological status and ecological newborn".

The overall device hopes to reflect the current development of human and environment, and focus on the thinking and discussion of solving future problems; human beings follow nature, as borrowers of the natural environment, how to adapt to the combined development and create a harmonious and sustainable ecological future should be taken into consideration; by means of artistic expression, explore the visual expression of the current residential city and ecological environment, and think about the hope and possibility of new life under the oasis.